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Trend Matrix EA Your Ultimate Forex Trading Companion

Trend Matrix EA

Trend Matrix EA is more than just a forex robot; it's your key to mastering the art of trend-following trading. Developed to excel in the fast-paced and ever-changing forex markets, this expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 and 5 terminals is designed to spot and capitalize on trends, ensuring you stay on the right side of the market.

The ultimate solution for traders seeking precision, expertise, and consistent profitability. Elevate your trading strategies with our advanced tools, comprehensive insights, and proven methods. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, Trend Matrix EA equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic forex market with confidence. Transform your trading experience today and realize your true profit potential with Trend Matrix EA.

Trend Matrix EA Features:

Trend Matrix EA Live Performance

Trend Matrix EA 1 Live Performance
(You can check Trend Matrix EA Live performance in FULLY VERIFIED MYFXBOOK ACCOUNT by clicking over the chart!)

Trend Matrix EA GBPJPY Live Performance

Trend Matrix EA GBPJPY Live Performance
(You can check Trend Matrix EA GBPJPY Live performance in FULLY VERIFIED MYFXBOOK ACCOUNT by clicking over the chart!)

Trend Matrix EA All Live Performance

Trend Matrix EA All Live Performance
(You can check Trend Matrix EA All Live performance in FULLY VERIFIED MYFXBOOK ACCOUNT by clicking over the chart!)

User-Friendly Interface

Trend Matrix EA is designed with both novice and experienced traders in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes setup and customization a breeze, allowing you to tailor the EA to your specific preferences. It is set-and-forget trading, Trend Matrix EA accommodates your style.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Trend Matrix EA includes a comprehensive suite of risk management tools, including:

  • Broker Protection: Safeguard your trades from broker-related issues to maintain the integrity of your trading.
  • Spread Protection: Prevent excessive spreads from impacting your trading results.
  • Slippage Protection: Minimize the effects of slippage to ensure precise order execution.
  • Static and Dynamic Trailing Stop System: Optimize your exits by trailing stop losses based on either fixed or dynamic parameters.

With Trend Matrix EA, you can trade with confidence, knowing that your risk is carefully managed.

Next Generation Loss Recovery System

The crown jewel of Trend Matrix EA is its Next Generation Loss Recovery System. This groundbreaking system redefines how forex robots perform in adverse market conditions. While other EAs may falter when the market takes an unexpected turn, Trend Matrix EA thrives.

Here's how it works: The Loss Recovery System intelligently identifies early signs of a market reversal. When it detects negative trades, the EA takes swift action, closing these trades and opening new ones in the opposite direction. This ingenious technique transforms challenging market conditions into profit opportunities, ensuring that you can make money in all market scenarios.

Stay Informed with Push Notifications

Never miss a trading opportunity with Trend Matrix EA's push notification system. Receive real-time alerts on your preferred device, keeping you updated on important market developments and EA actions. Stay connected to the market no matter where you are.

Tailored Trading Options

Flexibility is key in the world of forex trading, and Trend Matrix EA delivers. Choose between "Only Longs" and "Only Shorts" trading modes to align the EA with your market outlook and strategy. Whether you're bullish, bearish, or somewhere in between, Trend Matrix EA adapts to your needs.

Trailing Stop System

Adapt to market movements seamlessly with our dynamic Trailing Stop system. Lock in profits as your trades progress while maintaining the flexibility to capture potential gains.

With the continuous evolution Trend Matrix EA is not a static product; it's a product of ongoing development and refinement. Our team of experts is dedicated to regularly updating the EA to adapt to evolving market conditions and incorporate the latest advancements in trading technology. When you choose Trend Matrix EA, you're choosing a product that evolves with the market.


Trend Matrix EA is a cutting-edge forex robot designed to identify and capitalize on market trends. With its Next Generation Loss Recovery System, risk management tools, and user-friendly interface, it offers a reliable way to navigate the forex market with confidence. Join a community of successful traders who trust Trend Matrix EA to stay on the right side of the market trend and secure consistent profits.

Recommended timeframe: H1

Recommended backtest method: H1 by every tick

Supported currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, NZDCAD, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAGUSD and Brent Crude Oil

The default settings in Trend Matrix EA are optimized for EURUSD H1!

Trend Matrix EA Backtest Result

Below you can check the backtest result of our forex robot - Trend Matrix EA - on the USDJPY currency pair.


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on EURUSD 2


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on EURJPY 1


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on EURJPY 2


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on EURJPY Recovery


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on XAGUSD


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on EURGBP


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on AUDUSD


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on USDCAD


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on GBPJPY


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on USDJPY


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on Brent Crude Oil


Period: 2010-2023

Risk: Auto MM

Deposit: $10000

Trend Matrix EA Backtest on NZDCAD

Trend Matrix EA Settings

==== Risk Management Settings ====

  • FixedLots - fixed trading volume (works if AutoMM1=0).
  • AutoMM - values greater than 0 (zero) activate automatic ММ (traded volume as a percentage of free margin).
  • AutoMM_Max - maximum allowed trading risk when Recovery Trade is opened.

==== General Settings ====

  • LongTrades - true/false to enable/disable the BUY(long) trades.
  • ShortTrades - true/false to enable/disable the SELL(short) trades.
  • Magic - magic number - it is extremely important to keep this different for all robots.
  • MaxSpread - maximal allowed spread for position opening.
  • Slippage - maximal allowed slippage for position opening.
  • EA_Comment - text which will be added as a comment to each trade opened by Trend Matrix EA.

==== Broker Regulation Settings ====

  • NFA - true/false - set "true" if your broker is NFA regulated.
  • No_Hedge - true/false - set "true" if you wish to cancel all hedge trades.

==== Trading Login Settings ====

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss in pips
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in pips
  • BreakOut - breakthrough over the volatility borders in pips - a trigger value which would initiate a new trade
  • BreakOut_Period - the period of the volatility indicator
  • MarketMaxVolatility - this is the maximum allowed value of the current market volatility.
  • MA_SlowPeriod - slow moving average period value – this value is used for exit logic
  • MA_FastPeriod - fast moving average period value – this value is used for exit logic
  • TradeOnMonday - true/false - when it is true the robot will not trade on Monday’s, if it is false – it will trade on Monday’s(just to mark that the robot will trade if there are such trading opportunities)

==== Trailing Stop Settings ====

  • TrailingStop - if the value is greater then zero, the system will use same value as a fixed trailing stop. In this case the system will use a fixed trailing stop instead a volatility trailing stop
  • TrailingStopAfter - When Fixed_Trailing is greater than 0 (zero) and the current profit of the trade is greater or equal to Fixed_Trailing_After the robot will set a trailing stop to the trade equal to Fixed_Trailing parameter’s value.
  • TrailingStopStep - This is the step of the fixed trailing stop. When the difference between trade profit and the current stop loss is greater than Fixed_Trailing_Step the robot will move the trailing stop.
  • DynamicTrailingStop - volatility trailing stop multiplier, in case we use
  • Trailing_Period - period of the volatility trailing stop indicator.

==== Next-Gen Recovery System ====

  • NGRS - When this parameter is TRUE it means that Advanced Recovery System is enabled. FALSE means that it is disabled
  • NGRS_After - Value in pips. When the initial trade loss is equal or greater than this parameter's value then the EA starts the recovery process. It closes the initial trade and open opposite trade. For example, if the initial trade is BUY the EA will open SELL and vice versa
  • NGRS_FixedLots - Lot size of the recovery trades. Work only when NGRS_RiskMultiplier = 0.
  • NGRS_RiskMultiplier - This is a multiplier. Works at values greater than 0. Example: if the lot size of the initial trade is 0.1 lot and if NGRS_RiskMultiplier's value is 2 then the recovery trades will be opened with 2 x 0.1 = 0.2 lots. When NGRS_RiskMultiplier has a value greater than 0 then the parameter NGRS_FixedLots is not used!
  • NGRS_TakeProfit - Value in pips. The EA will close all opened recovery trades when their total profit is equal or greater than NGRS_TakeProfit value.
  • NGRS_StopLoss - Value in pips. The EA will close all opened recovery trades when their total loss is equal or greater than NGRS_StopLoss value.
  • NGRS_AddOnSignal - If its value is TRUE then the EA will open additional recovery trades based on an indicator signal.
  • NGRS_AllowedTrades - Maximum allowed number of recovery trades.
  • NGRS_Distance - Value in pips. The distance between each recovery trade
  • NGRS_SignalLine - Border line of CCI. When CCI value crosses the border line the EA may open recovery trades.
  • NGRS_SignalPeriod - The period of CCI indicator.
  • NGRS_SignalTF - The time frame of CCI indicator.

==== Notifications Settings ====

  • EMAIL_Notification - true/false - enable/disable email notifications.
  • PUSH_Notification - true/false – enable/disable push notifications to mobile phones.

How to get started with Trend Matrix EA

You can download, install, and use Trend Matrix EA during your next trading session. You can do this in less than 5 minutes.

Trend Matrix EA is ready for 2024 market conditions!

You get a product that is up to date and ready to use.

How to backtest Trend Matrix EA

If you wish to back-test Trend Matrix EA, first you should download history from the MetaTrader history center: click Tools -> History Center, or press the "F2" key of the keyboard. In the list, find the currency pair that you wish to back-test and double click to expand it. Click "1 Minute (M1)" and then click "Download". When the download process is finished, double click on "5 Minutes (M5)” and "15 Minutes (M15)" to convert the M1 data (repeat this for the rest of the time frames). Close the "History Center" window. Restart the MT4 terminal in any case. Check the below image!

To open the "Strategy Tester" window click the "Strategy Tester" button of the MetaTrader menu, or press "Ctrl+R" on the keyboard. In the "Strategy Tester" window chose Trend Matrix EA, chose one of the supported currency pairs, chose M5 timeframe, chose the method "Every tick ...", as shown below. Click "Start" to start the back-test.

.Set Files For Each Supported Currency Pairs

The default settings of Trend Matrix EA are optimized for EURUSD currency pair. Below you can find individual .set files for other supported currency pairs. If you want to use the robot on other pairs please download the .set files from below list and load them correctly in the robot settings.

If you use the automatic installer of Trend Matrix EA all the .set files will be automatically installed in your MT4 terminal. In this case you don't need to download them manually.

Watch video tutorial to learn how to load the .set files in MT4 and MT5 terminals:
MT4 terminal   MT5 terminal

Trend Matrix EA is COMPATIBLE WITH MAC OS and Windows OS!

Trend Matrix EA is compatible with MAC OS and Windows OS

Trend Matrix EA is compatible with the most well known and used Operating Systems Mac OS + Windows OS. Our developers have been working very hard to adapt Trend Matrix EA to be compatible with all popular Operating Systems. Mac OS and Windows are the most popular OS around the world and therefore we have developed Trend Matrix EA to be compatible with them.

Trend Matrix EA is COMPATIBLE WITH Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5)!

Trend Matrix EA is compatible with Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5)

Trend Matrix EA is compatible with the most used metatrader platforms in the forex market - Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5).

Why to choose Trend Matrix EA

One of the main reasons to purchase and use Trend Matrix EA is that it is fully automated and easy to use expert advisor (forex robot), which will help you during the live trading and growing your account balance. Trend Matrix EA is a very effective and profitable trading strategy developed for multiple trading currency pairs such as AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPJPY, NZDCAD, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAGUSD, Brent Crude Oil(Brn) . Trend Matrix EA is designed to pick up the right moment for the initial market entry and it closes it in success, otherwise it has a strategy if the initial trade is closed in negative, it will open recovery trades in order to recover the loss right away of the next trades. This feature allows a safe "high frequency" scalping, fast recovery in case of a loss and increasing the profits every month. All future updates of Trend Matrix EA will be completely free for you and you will get professional support from our team.

Trend Matrix EA is a very powerful trading system which includes the most important features and system you need for a trading: Money Management, Broker Protection, Spread Protection, Highly effective Trading & Exit Logic, Email and Push Notification System, Trailing Stop System and etc.

Here is what you will get

By purchasing and using our Trend Matrix EA, you will not only get a really working forex robot but also some first class of services such as professional support, money back guarantee, free updates and last, but not least, a transparent and clear price policy.

Trend Matrix EA

Download Trend Matrix EA

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This exclusive software Trend Matrix EA is your gateway to advanced forex strategies and success. Accessible only to those who've invested in our premier product, Trend Matrix EA extends the benefits of your initial purchase. Seamlessly integrated with your existing toolkit, it amplifies your trading potential. Elevate your trading journey by securing both products and witness your profits soar. Your success story continues with Trend Matrix EA – an invaluable asset available exclusively to our dedicated customers..

  • 1 Real Account/s
  • 3 Demo Account/s
  • The Best in Forex Industry (24/7) Support
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Price:  $567 

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